Why don’t consumer reports recommend the 2022 Tesla Model X?

If you’re looking for a new luxury electric SUV, you’ve probably checked out the 2022 Tesla Model X. It’s one of the most popular options, especially if you’re ready to go electric. Buying an EV can still be confusing. However, experts such as Consumer Reports make recommendations based on many factors. As a result, some vehicles are recommended while others are not. In addition, the 2022 Tesla Model X did not receive the coveted “recommended” label from CR; why not?

The 2022 Tesla Model X is unreliable

A gray 2022 Tesla Model X electric SUV.
The 2022 Tesla Model X | Tesla

According to Consumer Reports, the 2022 Tesla Model X is unreliable. It received the lowest possible predicted reliability score from the publication. CR’s reliability ratings are based on previous model years and how well they have performed. In addition, the reviewer surveyed more than 300,000 owners of these vehicles to find out about their experiences. Since the Model X originally came out in 2016, evidence has only been available for about five years.

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