Tesla shared a fresh take on its Dojo AI supercomputer on Hot Chips 34

Tesla shared a fresh look at its Dojo AI supercomputer at the Hot Chips 34 (HC34) conference, according to Serve the house who attended the conference. Tesla delivered two talks at the conference: one on Dojo’s microarchitecture and another on Dojo’s System-on-Wafer solution.

Tesla recently upgraded its GPU supercomputer to 7360 A-100 (80GB) GPUs, making it Top-7 by GPU count. However, this is not enough. This is where Dojo comes in. On AI Day last year, Tesla revealed it was building the Dojo supercomputer in which each node has its own CPU, memory and communications interface.

HC34 Tesla Dojo UArch Instruction Set

At the conference, Tesla’s software engineers working on the Dojo supercomputer shared new architectural features, such as the Tesla Dojo instruction set, for the first time. Other key Dojo features mentioned at the conference were Dojo’s arithmetic formats, system network, and the ability to bypass dead processing nodes in the software.

According to NextPlatformone thing we should look forward to on Tesla AI Day 2 is hearing about the performance of the Dojo system.

NextPlatform also noted that Emil Talpes, an Autopilot Hardware Engineer at Tesla who worked at AMD for nearly 17 years on various Opteron processors, gave the Dojo presentation.

“The defining goal of our application is scalability. We’ve emphasized several mechanisms found in typical CPUs, such as coherence, virtual memory, and global lookup directories, just because these mechanisms don’t scale very well when we scale up to a very large system. Instead, we relied on very fast and highly distributed SRAM storage throughout the network. And this is supported by an order of magnitude higher connection speed than what you find in a typical distributed system,” Talpes said at the end of the presentation.

For a quick recap of Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer, you can revisit last year’s presentation from Tesla’s AI Day below.

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Tesla shared a fresh take on its Dojo AI supercomputer on Hot Chips 34

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