You can make your own EV charging station… from LEGOs

If you’ve never loved LEGOs in your life, there’s something wrong with you. (Not insulting.) I mean, if you’re a full grown adult now and don’t really like it, that’s fine, but everyone should at least have gone through a LEGO phase on some point in time. So we should all appreciate the following:

That’s right – for those of us who are still kids, or at least have kids, it looks like you can now get a LEGO Fastned EV charging station. Granted, this only seems to be available in parts of Europe*. Fastned is a Dutch EV fast charging company with stations in a handful of neighboring or nearby countries. CleanTechnica readers know all about Fastned, but it’s unlikely that many other Americans know.

While searching the LEGO site here in the US I couldn’t find the Fastned station, but I did find some other EV charging products – including a set my daughters have. This is the one my daughters have, wind turbine and all:

But you can apparently also get a “Family House” with an electric car (bus?) and charging station, and the same charging station comes with a “Town Center” kit.

Last but not least, you can get some electric scooters that come with a solar charging station and some crazy little characters.

Sadly none of this is for my daughters anymore as they are just obsessed with the Harry Potter LEGOs. There are different levels of fun on the table and Harry Potter wins.

The LEGO support for electric vehicles should come as no surprise, though. LEGO reached 100% renewable energy in the first half of 2017, three years ahead of his earlier commitment. LEGO started investing a lot of money in offshore wind energy again 2012. There have also been potential plans for a LEGO Tesla Cybertruck & Cyberquad, along with Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen LEGO folks. (Though, it looks like that hasn’t gotten out of the “Ideas” phase yet. Maybe they’re waiting for the actual Cybertruck to be released?)

But back to the top, let us know if you’ve seen or even got the LEGO Fastned EV charging station. Maybe Fastned even has a few left that they can send to us for something creative CleanTechnica photos?

*I think the build in the first tweet above is custom, not from an actual Fastned set. So whether you can buy a set from the store or not, it’s clear that with a little time and creativity you can make an insanely cool Fastned charging station out of LEGOs. Or, for that matter, you could build a Tesla Supercharger, Electrify America charging station, Ionity station, Greenway station, ChargePoint station, EVgo station, or anything else. By the way, you could make a small city with charging stations from different companies! (If you’ve already done that, come on, show us your creation and send us some photos.)


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