How to Navigate the Bridge at Town Change in Steelrising

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You’ve conquered Steelrising’s first Titan and obtained your fancy new traversal tool. But what now? Well, now that you can make your way to the rooftops, we’ll go back to where we started, but we’ll take the scenic route. Although this route starts at the Pont au Change, it will take you through new parts of the Berges de Seine, as well as through the Grand Châtelet.

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City Island

Starting in Bishop’s boss arena, the first thing we’re going to do is make sure we grab the Level 1 efficient counting module and module key of Bishop Titan’s corpse, then we’ll fight our way to the back of the arena. Here there is a treasure chest that contains the Volley mallet. The only thing left to do after grabbing the mallet is to return to the vestal just outside the boss arena.

Now do you remember the guy from before? The one you’re talking to through the window? Talk to him again and exhaust all dialogue options. You will learn that he is the son your bartender has been looking for. We are about to complete this side quest!

Return to the area where the Lancer and Forger Automats are, but instead of going down the steps to the shore, look up. You will see a grapple point. Hang on here and you will officially enter the Pont au Change.

Pont Au Change

Walk along the rooftops and take the first right. You will go down to a small courtyard, here you will fight another Forger Automat and a Lancer. In the back area, behind a wall of debris, there’s also a Snake-Bodied Automat and a Fencer, but there’s really nothing else of note here. Look for a stack of crates that has a platform on top (just around where the Lancer Automat starts). Jump here and continue to another set of roofs.

Once back on the roofs, facing the water, you can go down one level. An automaton is waiting to welcome you. If you go down even further, you can pick up cast iron under the bridge. Climb to the next level using your grappling hook. The object sitting on the edge of the pier is a Valiant Spirit (Free Anima). From there, continue straight ahead and you will find yourself in another part of the Quais de Seine.

The banks of the Seine

You’ll start by fighting one of these legless lunging automatons. Try to fight them out of sight of the Lancer below deck; otherwise, he will shoot you throughout the encounter. Once you’ve completed the Lunger, take care of the Lancer. There are small treasures scattered around this area that you can collect, grab them all, and then climb the stairs. You will now enter the Grand Châtelet.

There is also a door hidden behind barrels next to the stairs in this section of the Quais de Seine. You still can’t do anything with it, but remember this door when you get the ram tool later.

The Grand Châtelet

When entering Le Grand Châtelet, activate the Vestale on your left. Now, there are two of those dreaded Lunging Automats to take care of here. If you go around the perimeter to your right, you can sneak up on one of them and launch a sneak attack. It’s a good idea to try to fight them one-on-one. Once you have eliminated these two automatons, go around the battlefield collecting the scattered objects. To the right of the golden doors, there is a grapple point above. Swing up there and collect the Level 2 Flame Resistance Module and Module Key from the chest.

Once you enter the building through the golden doors, there will be a room to your right and to your left; start with the left piece. There’s a Lunging Automat on the ground floor and a Lancer on a platform above (firing its cannon at you, of course). Move the Lunger away from the Lancer and take it out. Now get on the platform and also destroy the Lancer. Once you’ve cleared this room, grab the balcony above. You will enter the Châtelet registry.

Registry of Châtelet

There are no enemies here. So you can let your guard down. Find Abbé Gergoire’s Notes. Leave the clerk’s office and drop down to the platform below where you are, but above the ground floor. You will see an object sitting above an object hanging above the ground floor, jumping over the gap and catching the essence of a noble spirit.

The Grand Châtelet (Again)

Back at the Grand Châtelet, we will pass into the other room (the one that was on the right. There is a forger and a lancer here. Again, the lancer will shoot you from above, so lure the forger in the main area and fight it there. Once you clear it, destroy the Lancer as well. Now go up, jump through the gap and get the replacement lever from the treasure chest.

Return to the main room and use the override lever on the mechanism to the left of the sealed golden doors. Once done, pull the lever and unlock said golden doors. Now go out to the street and activate the vestal. You are now officially back in the Quartier de Sainte-Opportune, but in a part of it that was previously inaccessible.

District of Sainte-Opportune

With your back to the doors through which you just entered this area, turn right. There is a chest here. Open it and take the citizen’s pants and clogs. Now you will come across a fork path. Straight ahead, there will be stairs and to your left, a street. Start by going up the stairs, take out the Fencer Automat and open the door. You can follow this stretch to the next quest marker. But instead of doing that, go back to the fork path.

Go down the street and kill the Lancer and the Lunging Automats. There will be a door on your right. Open it up and you’ll be in familiar territory. Take out the automata near the tree, using your grappling hook to climb above it, then walk through the apartment and down to the street below. Lac on the left, and you will be back at the Pont Neuf.

Pont Neuf

Talk to the lady before, tell her you found her son and you will complete this side quest. From there, all you have to do is go back to the start of the stage and you’ll have completed The Cite (for now). Finding your way back shouldn’t be difficult, you’ve unlocked all the doors, so just follow the compass to your destination (you’re only a few blocks away).

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