How to Use the Hobnob Hosting App

Whether you like it or not, the Facebook event invitation is becoming almost obsolete. What was once the ultimate way to send out a mass invite to friends has gradually become like shouting into the void – as many have learned the hard way with a delay “Sorry, I only see that, I don’t check more Facebook!” ” messages months after the end of an event. Of course, some got crafty. And those on the cusp of Gen Z may even have started posting event invites to their Close Friends Instagram Stories. But, so far, few platforms offer the same convenience and customization options for inviting specific groups.

Enter: Hobnob.

Similar to its newer contemporaries like Paperless Post and Partiful, Hobnob lets you send personalized invitations to guests via SMS and MMS. Since the invitation comes directly to invitees via text message, the guessing game of whether your guest list has even seen your invite — let alone RSVPed — is finally over.

Perhaps you have already received an invitation via Hobnob and are looking to organize your own Hobnob party. Or maybe you were desperate for an alternative to invitations. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hobnob app.

How to Create a Hobnob RSVP Event

If you want to host an event through Hobnob, you must first download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply tap “Create Event” and choose whether you want it to be an RSVP event (which automatically tracks RSVPs and sends reminders to RSVPs) or an announcement (in which you create a flyer to send to guests or post somewhere).

To create an RSVP event, you will enter the name of your event, the date and time (optional), and the location (optional). Next, tap “Select Design”.

From there, you can choose from their pre-made flyer templates, or you can tap “Use your own flyer design” in the top right to upload your own photo. Note: Designs with a lock emoji in the upper left can only be used if purchased.

Once you’ve chosen your design, you can add optional event details in the next window, such as the host’s name, a virtual meeting link, or any other important information.

Once you’ve created your first invitation and are ready to send it, you’ll need to enter your phone number and name. Once you’re done, tap “Add Guests” in your event window. Allow Hobnob to access your contacts and you can look up people’s phone numbers or emails directly through your contacts. You can also tap “Share” in the top right and iMessage to invite contacts, or ask friends to scan the QR code from your screen.

Note: Any guest you wish to invite must have a Hobnob account (which is free), or you must pay 1 credit to invite guests who are not on Hobnob.

How to Create a Hobnob Ad

If you just want to create an announcement flyer, which you can text to your friends or post somewhere, tap on the Announcement option under the RSVP Event button. Next, enter your event information and tap Select Design.

Then select from the pre-made designs or tap “Use your own flyer design” in the top right to upload a photo from your camera roll. Add additional details in the next window, then hit “Save & Preview”.

Tap “Share Ad” at the bottom of your screen, and you can text the flyer to your friends, copy the link to post it, or share it directly on social platforms like Instagram.

Now just wait for the celebratory messages to arrive.

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