Nearly 10% of Tesla Model Y sold in August is on ‘used’ list in Australia

Tesla Model Y owners in Australia have been spotted selling their cars on offer. According to the new data, one in ten cars is for sale. Surprisingly, they are sold for a higher price.

‘Used’ Tesla Model Y cars available in offers

Nearly 10% of Tesla Model Y sold in August is on 'used' list in Australia

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Tesla Model Y owners reportedly place their cars on advertisements.

When Tesla delivered the said models to Australia in August, the automaker expected it to take off. Apparently that didn’t happen.

According to a report from Drive, many people are flipping their Tesla Model Y over ads. About 10% of Model Y’s delivered are currently for sale in the EV market.

Some “used” models have already been used under 500km. The report also states that some cars have covered up to 2,5000 km.

Speaking of delivering Model Ys to Australia, the company has shipped 1,017 models of the car. At the time, it was so popular in the country that it is one of the most sought-after vehicles on the market.

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‘Used’ Tesla Model Ys are expensive

In another story from The Driven, a $75,525 dark silver RWD Model Y is now $97,400 on sale. The particular car, which claims to have driven 110 miles, has a retail price of $75,888, considered the lowest of all “used” Tesla Y cars sold.

The automaker will deliver another batch of Tesla cars in the coming months. The number of vehicles shipped is expected to increase as 2023 approaches.

In addition to the Y model, another Tesla car is also being sold for 442% of its original price. The Tesla Model 3 was spotted to be available in the used listings in June 2022.

Somehow, this trend is expected to continue. As expected, this would only attract a lot of scalpers to participate in the big car sales. This case is not new to Tesla, as it is expected to happen at any time.

At the start of the pandemic, the demand for electric cars has risen dramatically. Within a few months, customers rushed to auto stores to buy the latest models.

Tesla has not commented on car resale. While scalping is a huge problem to tackle, the company is not discouraging the resellers from shutting down their operations.

“We’ve spent decades building trust around our brand and it’s quite disconcerting to think we have a few [customers] who short cycle our cars to make money,” said Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia sales and marketing chief.

Hanley went on to say that they would protect their customers from the abusive scalpers who disrupt the market. He added that every customer has the right to get a Tesla car at a reasonable and fair price.

In March, Tech Times reported that second-hand Tesla 3 cars were expensive as Australia was unable to meet demand for EVs.

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