Women Lead Sexual Harassment Charge Against Tesla Blame Elon Musk Personally

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In May, a report alleged that Tesla CEO Elon Musk had allegedly committed sexual acts harassed, solicited and privately arranged with a SpaceX flight attendant. The allegation against Musk came just months after several female factory workers at Tesla filed lawsuits against the company in the fall of 2021. rampant sexual harassment at work, causing several women to lose their jobs. A handful of these women this week talk to the rolling stone about how deep misogyny ran in the company’s factories.

In several cases, the women claim that male factory workers — who routinely commented on their bodies, sexually approached them and rated their “fuckability” — often touched them “accidentally” in their closely spaced workstations. Walking from the parking lot to the factory, you had to wade through the crowds of cat-callers who were their colleagues. In the same parking lot where a Tesla employee once reached out and shot a colleague, a woman allegedly stalked from the factory to her car by a drunk male colleague who had asked her for a ride. In general, the women claim male factory workers would have treated the property like a college party — and Tesla’s supervisors and HR did nothing to stop, encourage or occasionally help the bullying, but could. not single-handedly alleviate a culture of harassment that was so pervasive.

Around 2017, with the release of Model 3 and completion of Musk’s “S3XY” line — a title he was immensely proud of — an office janitor at the service center named Eden Mederos told rolling stone men in the office called everything “sexy.” When questioned about the inconvenient practice, she claims, “They would say, ‘Well, [Musk] says it, so why can’t we say things like this?'” A naked factory worker Alisa Blickman said during her orientation last fall, she remembers walking into a conference room of men wearing “S3XY” shirts, while repeatedly checking Tesla’s. sexually with comments like, “Teslas are so sexy” and “These are some sexy cars.” Blickman said she was then shown a sexual harassment instructional video that portrayed many of the examples in the video. Ladies intimidating Men.

“There are people in that factory who see” [Musk] like a god,” Blickman said. “When he talks like that, they know they can too.”

A woman, Jessica Barraza, alleges in the lawsuit that as she scanned her badge to enter the factory, a man wedged his leg between hers and rubbed his crotch against her. Mederos said that after male employees were forced to watch videos of sexual harassment, they would touch her arm and leg and say sarcastically, “Oh no, I’m sexually harassing you.” Blickman said male co-workers routinely rubbed her arms and legs at their workplace, and her male supervisor gave her unsolicited lower back massages.

Alize Brown, a factory worker who breastfed a newborn baby when she first started working at the factory, says she was often asked by colleagues at her workplace who called her a “cow” and commented on her “milking.” A co-worker regularly stalked and bullied Brown, and she said her supervisor was of little help. She was ultimately the one who was punished for trying to protect herself: When her badge didn’t allow her to enter the factory one morning, Brown learned that she had been fired for being away from her workstation too much time. “I was just trying to get away from the guys who were harassing me,” Brown said rolling stone. “I begged them to move me or them. They never listened. They fired me instead.”

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Useless or actively predatory regulators seem to be a common theme. “I just find you sexy asf and wanted to kick it… you know I was always in love with your fine ass,” Barraza read a text she once received from her supervisor. On top of the creepy lower back massages, Blickman told the magazine that her supervisor once came after her and whispered, “I hear you don’t like to scream loud enough.”

The women recalled that they faced some daily humiliation. When it was rumored that Mederos was deaf, a male technician said to her face, “I’ve never seen a white girl with an ass like her.” The same technician is also said to have commented on the body of a 12-year-old girl who visited the Tesla center, and when told how old she was, Mederos claimed he said, “Those tits aren’t 12.” When Mederos brought dinosaur figurines to decorate her desk, they were immediately put back into sexual positions. She said she stopped eating at work because whenever she did, at least one male coworker made sex noises and asked her, “How much more can you fit in your mouth?”

Musk often brags that he’s “hands-on” in his business, even once to show off he ‘lived’ in one of his factories. He has never publicly acknowledged the lawsuits (seven familiar to grab against Tesla and one against SpaceX) or indicated that he was aware of common sexual harassment in his businesses, but nevertheless, it is his responsibility to be aware of the conduct in his business. The women who spoke to rolling stone cited Musk’s Twitter behavior, his perennial obsession with the number “69” (the man is 51 years old), and his pitch to TITS University, arguing that he should be held accountable for the rampant, sexist misconduct in his company. Asking a flight attendant for an erotic massage in exchange for a horse and rubbing the woman’s leg is eerily reminiscent of much of the behavior alleged by the female factory workers who are suing Tesla.

The pending sexual harassment lawsuit comes after another trial in which a black factory worker claimed: rampant use of the n-word at the factory, and a jury found the company liable. Earlier this year, 15 Tesla employees worked filed a complaint claimed that white bosses often greeted black workers with comments like “Welcome to the plantation” and assigned black workers the most physical labor-intensive jobs. “Race plays no part in Tesla’s job assignments, promotions, compensation or discipline,” the company’s attorneys said in a statement in response to the latter lawsuit. “Tesla prohibits discrimination in any form.” That latest lawsuit is still pending.

Tesla relinquished its PR department in 2020 after nearly all business activities stop communication officers; the department was apparently never re-staffed. In its court filings in response to the sexual harassment lawsuits, the company claims that it “has always strictly prohibited its employees from engaging in any form of sexual harassment.” It’s common for companies like Tesla to delay matters as much as possible until complainants give up or agree to settlements or sign NDAs. rolling stone notes that a trial for the active sexual harassment lawsuit may not come until 2024.

It’s been nearly a year since the lawsuit was filed, as Tesla’s attorneys continue to falter in their motion to drop the case. At the time of that year, Musk’s ’69’ memes were relentless — and certainly encourage the factory’s male workers to keep doing what they’re doing.

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