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Warframes The Lephantis boss fight is one of the toughest enemies you’ll face, especially on Steel Path. This ancient Infested enemy is absurdly tanky, deals a ton of damage at higher levels, and strongly encourages you to bring Warframes with Slow Debuffs or Damage Buffs.

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If you can defeat Lephantis, you’ll get your hands on Nekros, an invaluable Warframe for loot farms. This guide will cover how Lephantis combat works, its weaknesses, and we’ll explain how to bypass Lephantis’ damage mitigation mechanic to make Steel Path exits and encounters easier with this boss.

Lephantis Overview

Lephantis Overview
Location Magnacidium, Deimos (Level 20-25)
Faction Infested
Damage mitigation? Yes
Basic statistics Weaknesses
Fossilized Flesh: 1,200 Corrosive (75%) | Blast (50%) | Cold (25%)
Armor: None N / A
Shields: None N / A

Lephantis is a three-headed infested boss that can be found on Deimos. This fight is divided into two phases. In the first phase, players will fight independently against three heads. The second phase requires you to destroy all three heads at once.


Lephantis has a form of damage mitigation activated, intrinsic damage resistance against your attacks, and is immune to status effects. Damage Mitigation is a mechanic that increases the enemy’s resistance to your attacks when you deal damage. The more damage you deal, the less damage the boss will take. This mechanic resets if you stop damaging the boss for a few seconds. Alternatively, you can bypass this mechanic entirely by using weapons with high multishot and crit values, as explained towards the end of the guide.

Lephantis Boss Guide

The Lephantis fight is split into two phases, both of which require you to destroy the heads that make up Lephantis itself. Before entering the boss arena, stock up on energy and ammo. If you attempt this fight on Steel Path or in an outing, kill some trashy mobs to trigger your Galvanized mods and Weapon Arcane effects.

First phase

Lephantis will emerge from the ground below you during this first section, revealing one of its three heads. The head is only vulnerable when it opens its mouth, giving you a brief window of damage. Three heads appear throughout the fight:

  • Infested Corpus: Open your mouth and spit out Toxin Darts.
  • Infested Grineer: Swings his mutated scythe in a wide arc, opening his mouth and neck in the process.
  • Ancient Infested: Opens its neck flaps before firing toxin projectiles at you.
    • Despite the damage, it does not bypass shields.

Focus on defeating one head at a time, using weapons with high crit and multi-shot to burn through his health pool. If you fail to destroy a head when it’s vulnerable, it will burrow into the ground and reappear after a few seconds. Highly recommend slowing Lephantis heads when vulnerable, as it extends your DPS window. Nova’s Molecular Prime, Xaku’s The Lost, Frost’s Snow Globe, and Sevagoth’s Gloom can all slow infested buds. Destroy the three heads to start the second phase.

Phase two

Infested buds will burrow back into the ground, causing the ground to collapse beneath you. This revealed an infested chamber deep within the ship, revealing Lephantis’ true form. You must destroy all three heads to defeat Lephantis, using the same strategy as before.

Each head will attempt to attack you if you are within sight, dealing the same attack as the first phase. Focus on one head at a time, using any slow effect to expand your DPS window. Destroying a head will permanently remove it from the fight, so focus on the heads that are giving you the most trouble, probably the old infested ones for the most part. Make generous use of your Bullet Jump here to avoid getting hit. Pop all three Lephantis heads to end the fight, revealing the path to extraction. Defeating Lephantis will award a random Nekros component blueprint.

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How to Kill Exit/Steel Path Lephantis

Bring a teammate

Railjack’s R9 Command Intrinsic allows you to summon a teammate during any mission. This teammate bypasses Lephantis’ damage resistance, even on Steel Path. Give them a good main weapon and a teammate is more than capable of killing Lepthantis on their own.

Lephantis is an absurdly tanky boss on Sorties or Steel Path difficulty. To this end, you’ll want to use weapons with high multishot, fire rate, and critical stats. Spec your weapons for Corrosive, as Lephantis takes 75% more damage from Corrosive damage.

You want high multishot and critical stats because Lephantis has a form of damage mitigation, which means that this boss’s damage resistance scales with your damage. The more damage you deal, the more tanky the boss becomes, up to a cap of 90% damage reduction. Damage mitigation does not account for multishots, critical damage modifiers, or headshot multipliers; Base damage and elemental damage modifiers are the most affected by this system.

Some good weapons include:

  • Acceltra: The best choice for a fast-firing, crit-focused rifle.
  • Kuva Hek: Alternate Fire fires four shots at once, leading to immense multishot value. He can also critically hit with the right mods.
  • Pyrana (First): A high base pellet count, good rate of fire, and critical stats make the Pyrana a perfect contender for this fight.
    • The Kuva Brakk is also an option if you own it.
  • Phenmore: Multiple headshots turn this DMR into a minigun, allowing it to wipe out Lephantis’ health pool.
    • Land headshots on foraging enemies that spawn to charge Incarnon’s form; damage dealt to Lephantis does not register as a headshot.
  • Imperator Vandal: Fires fast and has good critical stats. Summon the weapon through your cogwheel.
  • 7-7-7A: This Operator Amp’s primary fire deals fast damage. Pair it with Madurai’s Void Strike to quickly kill one of the heads.

As for Warframes, bring a Nova. Nova’s ultimate slows heads by 75% with some ability strength in your build. This should give you enough time to destroy at least one head. Subsume Roar or Eclipse on your Nova to further increase your damage.

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