What infotainment features do you get?

At first glance, the Volvo XC40 Recharge is an admirable combination of functionality and fashionable design. While the electric XC40 comes with a host of great features, what does it offer in terms of infotainment? The Volvo EV is similar to the C40 Recharge, which was launched in 2021 as the Swedish carmaker’s first dedicated electric model. While this may seem confusing given that the XC40 EV has been around for some time, it was first announced as a petrol and diesel SUV. As the demand for more sustainable options increased, Volvo worked on and eventually introduced a plug-in hybrid variant. It wasn’t long before an all-electric model came into the picture.


Volvo plans to gain more market share for electric vehicles using its formidable duo of battery-electric SUVs. The XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge represent the manufacturer’s steady move to zero-emission vehicles. Volvo promises to introduce a new EV every year and aims to fill half of its fleet with electric models. As a result, the EV segment continues to grow, with more options available. Consumers looking for electric SUVs can now look beyond Tesla and explore options such as the Rivian R1S, Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ford Mustang Mach-E and so on.

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The usual factors to consider when shopping for EVs are range and compatibility with charging stations. However, affordability and infotainment are two unique parameters that consumers can use to determine whether a gasoline vehicle is worth purchasing. The infotainment system is a unique car feature as it contains information and entertainment, allowing drivers to access applications, play music, make calls and receive text messages. Any automaker that wants to win more customers usually invests in its infotainment offering. In May, Tesla upgraded the Model S with a rotating screen in an effort to improve the entertainment features of its cars. All in all, it is designed to provide fun using its network of smart technologies. Likewise, Volvo gives the XC40 Recharge a range of modern technologies ranging from built-in Google services to the Volvo Cars application.

Infotainment features of the XC40 EV revealed

Following a partnership with Android Automotive, Volvo XC40 Recharge can offer buyers next-gen software. A 12.3-inch digital meter cluster is standard, with plenty of options for users to personalize options. With Google’s built-in features come apps such as Google Maps, which provides real-time traffic information, and the automatic rerouting feature, which suggests alternative directions so drivers can reach their destination sooner. Google Assistant offers hands-free support and much more. Drivers can start using it by saying: “Hey, Google.Automatic over-the-air software updates are guaranteed, allowing drivers to enjoy a system that keeps getting better.

Volvo EV owners should know that Google’s built-in services will only work if there is an active subscription to digital services. Meanwhile, new purchases of the XC40 Recharge are rewarded with a four-year subscription. Buyers can also access remote services via the Volvo Cars app. The app is useful for tracking charging progress, controlling indoor temperature, and scheduling maintenance. The app also acts as a digital key, meaning the Volvo EV can be locked and opened with a smartphone. Also available in the XC40 Recharge is the Harman Kardon Premium Sound System, which provides an immersive listening experience.

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