Maggie — The Tesla-powered RV

You may remember the series about how eDub Services’ first electric VW motorhome came to be. It wasn’t an easy task, but as with all new endeavors, getting better takes practice. Meet Maggie, the Tesla-powered Classic Camper Van of your dreams, which you can actually rent, in the UK at least.

Photo by Kit Lacey, eDub Services

In a press release, eDub services declares the name of this build:

“This motorhome, called Maggie, started out in the US and lived there until it was imported to the UK in 2013. In fact, Maggie originally came across as the original camper of eDub: Indie on the disgrace. “After being stuck converting Indie all those years ago, we heard of another identical camper who had shared the journey across the pond.” Director Kit tells us: ‘My mechanic couldn’t pass up this opportunity and picked her up.’

“She was originally a classic brown and orange with a very worn interior, but a good shell. Nicknamed ‘Mark’ (as in Mark 2), she was intended for eDub, but was sold to a local enthusiast who planned to restore it.”

Photo by Kit Lacey, eDub Services

In 2021, eDub discovered that “Mark” was still available, a deal was struck and “Mark” became “Maggie”. Maggie is eDub’s 5th T2 conversion and is packed with the latest classic vehicle technology:

  • Battery pack: 35 kWh (new cells, not recovered from salvages)
  • Range: 90 miles (145 km)
  • Charging: 70 kW CCS Fast Charging (available early next year with a minor upgrade)
  • Powertrain: Tesla unit rated at 220 kW (270 hp) tuned to 60 kW (80 hp compared to the original T2 50 hp).

Photo by Kit Lacey, eDub Services

The press release goes on to describe the aesthetics and functionality:

“Maggie is no longer the Brown and Orange she once was. Some of the orange remains in the interior trim, but the paint has been swapped out for a beautiful light beige and white combination. The interiors are simple and effective. A full-width bed folds out of the sofa. A custom cabinet contains a fridge, storage space, a sink and an induction hob, meaning Maggie is 100% emissions free! There is no gear lever or clutch in the front. A small switch changes from forward to reverse. The accelerator pedal and dials have all been replaced with replicas, which look original but blend seamlessly with the new electric drive.”

You can find out more about hiring Maggie at If you’re looking to buy a conversion, eDub offers the 35 kWh conversion for around £55,000. Throw in an extra £15,000 and you get a much larger 61 kWh battery with a range of over 160 miles.

Photo by Kit Lacey, eDub Services

eDub Services has a vision to place eDubs as a franchise in every national park. You can read more about this at And eDub can also help you find a donor vehicle for you. At this point I asked Kit Lacey how this will play out in the future – will there be enough vehicles to buy, or will eDub focus on conversion kits for classics that customers bring in? Kit responds:

“Some of our customers come to us with their own motorhomes that have been in their family for decades. We love to take these beloved beauties and give them the next stage in their evolution. The VW T2s were produced until 2013, so we don’t see them running out. We hope we can convert as many as possible before more rust. We will continue to work on other classics as well, we want to keep it interesting for our team!”


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